Change the weapons tier please.

So far you can go from a crappy bow to an M4 with not much in-between in next to no time at all, this just not seem right. An M4 is a highly technical piece of kit, something that needs specialist tools and equipment to built not to mention a lot of technical training, it does not seem right that you can knock one out using just a furnace and random rocks you have found. I propose a change in which will see things a little more realistic and make the M4 much rarer.

Tier 1: Hatchet, Bow and Arrow. Real primitive weapons but one which anybody nowdays could make with a bit of incentive and next to no training.

Tier 2: Black powder weapons, not very accurate and slow to reload but they should hit much harder than Tier 1. You can have a Musket (Rifle) for long range, pistol and a Blunderbuss (shotgun).

Tier 3: Bolt action Rifle ALA Lee Enfield or Mosin Nagant, Double barrel shotgun and 6 shot revolver. With appropriate reload times and damage this will be the most common weapons for mid level players.

Tier 4: M4, Semi automatic pistol and Pump action shotgun. This is what should take a long time to make and should be quite rare unless you work in groups or are good at hiding your location, you should not have a naked man holding a rock running around with these weapons that he made with his own hands in only a few hours, you should need to manufacture various tools and presses first.

All of the crafting speeds are increased purposely so that people can test the gear and report bugs or issues. It is intentionally fast paced and will be decreased dramatically before the game has a “final” release and leaves alpha/beta.

It’s our plan to make modern guns a lot more rare and harder to attain, with a big focus on the makeshift theme (weapons, tools, and more)

I like the idea of that, making a firearm (even a blackpowder flintlock) should be a huge achievement.

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That does make a lot of sense.

I really hope that you are right. I personally think that the high end weapons should be very hard to attain and there should be some more weapons in between your first hatchet and the silenced m4.