Change this clientside lua into a server side?

I wanted to use AaronsRadio on my server, but it is client side. I know this becase when I put it in addons, and executed +ARadio in the console, it did not recognize it.

The .LUA can be located at:

Also, could someone tell me how to add to AaronsRadio tab with more streams?

AddCSLuaFile( 'autorun/client/aaronsradio.lua' )

at the top of the lua or if you have ulx just put aaronsradio.lua into


and the clients will download it

Tell me the streams you want to add and ill add them.

Oh my god I love you. Sadly I can’t get to my computer atm. Check back in, I say 12 hours, and I will have them.


EDIT: or you could teach/tell me how, as I am trying to learn LUA :D, but whichever you feel like doing. (sorry for double post I’m doing this off my phone.).

You cant really add songs yourself unless you host your own song list on a webhost and link to it, the radio loads (site has been down since this morning :confused: ) which contains a list of all the mp3’s and streams to load so I have to add it to the list.

Decayer, It’s Spencer. Why have you not asked to use my streaming addon? O.o

Can I use your streaming addon?

I don’t know you. lol. Look at the plethora of streaming topics. I put enough hints in there.

If you could manage to get the thing back up, the codes are:
90s Music:
70s and 80s Music:
60s Music:
Rap/Hip hop:

Also: add me on steam :o Decayer177

Sadly Windows Media Player doesn’t support shoutcast streams (*.pls)

It is not a shoutcast stream, because if you went to, you would see it plays it in a windows media player extensions.

Port it to flash noob

Derma doesn’t support Flash.

Weird those do work :confused:

Oh well they are now in the radio, thanks for the streams.

By the way, by any chance, if you would require a 24/7 host, I has a website, I could upload that gmradio.txt to. Just an offer :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks though.

I have 3 sites that i host it on but the one that the radio on uses was down today.

cough html cough

What about html?

Also I just made a googlecode svn today so I might start uploading some of my stuff to it.

No issues, no downloads, no wiki, and the description is, “LUA stuff :D.”

More information and I’ll download, for example, what is in the SVN?

The svn is absolute pure crap and always will be :stuck_out_tongue:

I just made it to put some of my lua up overtime as a way to backup and share it.


The svn is in the browse directory if you clicked it, right now I just have 2 scripts uploaded to test how to upload stuff :confused: