Change usergroup donator with : VIP (ULX) help!


I want to change the usergroup “Operator” with : “VIP”
and add some commands to the operator group like !ragdoll / !bring / !goto / !kick

Anyone have any idea? to how to add and restrict commands for a special usergroup
and how to add some commands and removes others?

Thanks guys!

You’re asking a basic ULX question. Ask for help on the ULX forum, or even read their forum. If you can’t set up simple things such as this (ranks), even though they made it so simple, I don’t think you should run a server.

Next time you have a question, please post your question here. We do not want to flood the forum with unnecessary threads, so keep it clean and ask your question where it belongs, in a mega thread.

For help with ULX, go to this page.

and i want if an user is a VIP (Operator) then when i press TAB (scoreboard) , then show: VIP ! like the admins

You’ll have to look into the scoreboard lua code of Cinema…