Change Viewmodel of a SWEP?

Hello Developers and tinkerers of facepunch;

I am relatively new to lua, but I know my way around basic code. I was wondering if aside from

SWEP.IronSightsPos = Vector
SWEP.IronSightsAng = Vector
SWEP.SightsPos = Vector
SWEP.SightsAng = Vector
SWEP.RunSightsPos = Vector
SWEP.RunSightsAng = Vector

Is there anyway for you to adjust the default positions and angles of a swep when you’re not sprinting or ironsighting? Thank you in advance.
I’m using M9K.
And also another question, what exactly is the difference bettween SWEP.IronSights and SWEP.Sights?

On how to move the viewmodel, you would use the

WEAPON/CalcViewModelView hook.
I’m not familiar with m9k so I cannot answer your last question.

I am very new to lua ,any way you could provide me with a sample code that uses CalcViewModel? I searched but couldn’t find examples