change weapon clienstided

Is there anyway to change the weapon you’re holding to another via client? Or even to detect what weapon is holding the player? thanks.

RunConsoleCommand(“use”,“weapon_physgun”) --Forces you to use/bring out a weapon
local weaponimholding = LocalPlayer():GetActiveWeapon():GetClass() --Gets the classname of the weapon you are currently holding


Yay. And to get the tool name of the tool you’re using?


That should work I think.

If you sneak up behind someone, you can view what tool they are using. (you may need to zoom in on their tool gun though)

[sp]did no one get this was sarcasm?[/sp]

No you can’t, it shows your own tool.

I’m sure to see once Rope while I was using material

pics or it didnt happen.
cause it should not be posible to see a diffrent toolgun texture other then what tool you last used/are using at that time