Change your character's look

Would love to have a chance to customize our character and look different from all the other players in the game. I honestly dont care if you make this big or not, but at least a good amount of choices like facial hair, scars, tattoos and clan marks(showing you belong to a clan with a certain tattoo). and about the tattoo thing, I have so many ideas for that, but for now lets just stick with this conversation.

Who’s really ever going to notice though?

The absolute maximum I think a game like this would ever need is a male/female and race option.

let’s hope this kinda thing wouldn’t go the way of APB

this is all you see in the social district

If they are gonna add character customization, you should definitely be able to change your dick size. Unless of course, they add boxers to new spawns.

This is only just alpha and is not their main priority. This is a cool idea but will not be added shortly to my understanding.There are more important things to work on for Rust.

That’s the problem, though. Dick size slider needs to be a priority. Rust will never be complete without it.

I think facial hair/hair/gender are really all we need. I don’t want to feel compelled to kill/give every fresh spawn I see a pair of pants because they look like OG mudbones dad. Also what geogzm said but adhesive bras… We are getting somewhere with that I think

They should make characters customizable to the point that you can tell who someone is by looking at their face/body and get rid of the names all together.

Can we also get customizable pubic hair?

only with dick physics

We definitely want to give you more options to customize your character, but right now it’s not a priority

I don’t think all this facial hair and scars would change much, the idea for getting rid of names altogether is stupid. This clan tattoos is also stupid that means when ever someone sees a random person coming towards them they will be like wait have you got my clan tattoo and that will slow the game down and everyone will be like I have a tattooooo ! to this clan and it wouldn’t add anything to the game at all. most people nowadays KOS so what is the point also when you have clothes on as well you wont be able to see it on … oh but wait if you have your tattoo on your hand or forehead oh yeh people will see that from far away and shit their pants when they see a tattoo where your in a big clan NO they wouldn’t its completely stupid and adds nothing exciting to the game.

I imagine char. customization would be one of the last things put into the game. It’s so far from finished that stressing over customization is utterly pointless, since you won’t be getting it for a long time. Customization is also, in part, a product of the armor and weapons you wear, since once you’re decked out in armor people can only really see your face.

Just take your time and keep doing what you are doing. I know it will be a great experience all together anyhow.

No weapon? No problem just dickslap someone outta the world

If I had a dollar for every dick joke since Tom posted that model…

I’m guilty of it too, so I won’t harp on about it.

I never thought I would start this kind of thread. lol