Change your microphone input?

So, I’m using a Plantronic series headset with a built in mic. The mic is set as the default recording device through windows, however Rust detects a different mic than my Plantronics. Is there a way to change which input device Rust detects?

If there is no such thing, you can alwayus just disable the microphones you use in the sounds tab, sounds like it’ll pick the right one then

Using a Plantronics myself and love it… no issues whatsoever. I plug her into a usb and it takes over all sound completely. Doesn’t really help your problem at all though :slight_smile:

Do you have any other mics or anything plugged in? onboard sound? whats the normal speaker setup. Hate trying to problem solve these things without seeing the rig and getting a feel for it. I’m just not that smart :wink: