Changeing gamemode to Spacebuild 3?

Is there a console command to change the gamemode to Spacebuild Mod 3? I have the gametype in my addons and the server’s addons.

put this in game.cfg,

sv_gamemode Spacebuild 3
sv_defaultgamemode Spacebuild 3

The server console says its reverting to sandox because the game type is invalid.

Spacebuild3 is an Addon I believe.

It is. It gives cool props and a gamemode but I can’t launch the gamemode.

No, as in it’s entirely an Addon, therefore you just run sandbox with it.

Spacebulid 3 was made into a addon.

But you can get a “dummy” gamemode so it appears on the server list as “spacebuild”

If you don’t want the default gamemode the spacebuild 3 then you can write in the srcds’ console changegamemode [gamemode]
NOTE: Without the ‘’[’’

nikos that dosnt work thow it just reverts back to sandbox