Changeing Level

Me and a few of my buddies are attempting to design a HL2 mod, or just a gmod campaign. But we are using a train at the start but it has to go through 3 maps before it comes to a complete stop.(Ranging from 40 km/h ----- 110 km/h)

I want the train to go to the next level with me, and keep moving on the tracks just like in level one. But its a new map.



Thats not really tell me how to. Its tellling me how to change map. Not move the train to the next level

Why not put a duplicate of the train on the next level?

You’re a mad man!


Do what they did in HL1. Make the train stop for one reason or another then start it again in the next level. So you really just spawn in a different train that looks alike. You can make props carry through but I’m not sure about things like a train.

Train moves across map > Changes map automatically > You spawn in a train that’s moving across the map.

Or that, I assumed he didn’t try that since that is the most obvious way of doing it. Tell me if it works.

I was just thinking about that…

NOW my problem is it wont change maps… >:(

isn’t there a way to set global entities to keep the train and everything on it between maps?

Tried that one?

Im using that, I took the train off because it was a pain in the ass.