Changelevel Bug

Hi, im working on a singleplayer map pack, and i have it set to do a changelevel. The problem is that whenever it changes, all entities like doors, ragdolls, and decals get transfered over which i dont want because they always float in mid air some random spot. is their any way to fix this?

Have you put a landmark in the same place relative to the trigger in both maps?

I have also experienced a similar bug, however not every entity floats randomly in midair, its always only this specific one.
I don’t know how to fix it and I am 100% certain there is no problem with the changelevel.
I have made changelevels before and in my case, the landmark is in the same place relative to the trigger.

i have a land mark but they arent in the same spot i mean like when you changelevel its supposed to be like in a whole new environment in a whole different place

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Does the changelevel trigger have to be at the same distance to the landmark in each map?
And doest the trigger have to be of the same size in each map?

would it work if i just like put them both right under the spawn?