Changelog for experimental branch ?

Cuz I see updates and I don’t know what they do. I know the experimental branch is quite useless right now, but it would be nice to see what they add to the game.

The experimental branch is not “the game.” If they push any of those changes to production then I’m sure we’ll get a changelog. They probably have so many different things going on in experimental that they’d be pushing out more changelogs for it every day… it would get pretty annoying, I’m sure.

Check file “changes.html” in C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\rust. It’s the changelog.


Since the content of the actual experimental branch is going to replace the default branch, I think that we can call it “the game”.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

That isn’t necessarily true. Just because something gets changed in the experimental branch doesn’t mean it’s going to eventually happen in the actual game. That’s why it’s an experiment.

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This is good to know!

That’s why it’ good to have a changelog :slight_smile:

The reason it’s called the experimental branch is because it is used to experiment before the final change is decided. a change log would be garbage to read and waste time to write.

Change log:
Changed value of x to 4
Changed value of x to 3.5
Changed value of x to 4.5
Changed value of x back to 4
Changed value of y to 7
Changed value of x to 4.3
Changed value of y to 6.5 and x back to 4

The Experimental Branch is the new rust that is the game, they are just porting stuff to it before it replaces the current version.

should give a ref: as to where i got the info.
Dev Blog 6 last paragraph

That last paragraph made little sense to me when I first read it, this put it in perspective for me and I totally get it now, thank you :smiley:

No where in there does it say “everything we put in the experimental branch is 100% staying in”.


Nowhere do i state that 100% of what is in or going into the Experimental branch would be implemented into the end product, but it will have an impact on the out come, as the Experimental Branch on steam at this moment is the basis for the next version of rust. not the one we all play at the moment that is obsolete,

I think that’s pretty much what Sievers808 was saying.

Experimental branch is the actual game now. The live branch will never change and will eventually disappear, replaced all at once by the experimental branch. Obviously nothing, in any version of the game, is guaranteed not to change though…

Just joking hehe.

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