Changes to command line?

Hey everyone,

I use a program called ServerChecker to manage my 6 servers (auto-restarts them, etc). Ever since the latest patch yesterday, upon trying to start my servers with all of their settings, the default gamemode that I specify with +gamemode in the start up line no longer works - it always reverts to Sandbox until I change it manually from the server’s console (“changegamemode [map] [gamemode]”). I also tried doing -gamemode in the line, to no avail.

Am I missing something, or has anyone else noticed this. If this is not the most effective way to start a server with a certain gamemode, I would appreciate any tips you all might have. I cannot simply use one server or autoexec config, as each server runs different things off of the same box.

Thanks in advance for reading and giving me some insight.

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+sv_gamemode *gamemode*

If it still doesn’t work, put this :

+sv_gamemode *gamemode* +sv_defaultgamemode *gamemode* +sv_gamemodeoverride *gamemode*

Awesome, thanks for the quick response. Will try that when I get home from work tonight.