changes to lan :(

Every so often my server decides to work, then some times go to lan
in the server.cfg it has lan set to 0 and in the autoexec it does too, what am i doing wrong?
Ports are forwarded, im using Slayers dedicated server and i have a static IP


oh and its a Css server aswell, incase that makes a difference

I get shut down during peak hours :frowning:

So can you explain this problem more clearly?

Right, Some times i start up my server, it appears in the lan tab
Other times i start it up its online and my mates can connect

Well, since you are the host. Your server will always show up on the LAN tab.

But other people cant connect to it when its in the lan tab, when it works its not in the lan tab

Have you tried updating your server? And checking for bad addons??

ye, i dont really care anymore, everyone has sterotyped 13 year olds as mindgebags