Changes to the AK

As I see no other post on this, I just wanted to make sure the developers are notified of the problem. At this current moment in time, the AK has no recoil. And it’s basically a lazer gun. I know they tried to reduce recoil but this is a bit extreme, you can be sprayed and headshotted from 200+ metres.

If this is the way it is meant to be then fine but I really hope it isn’t.

Ethan my friend! <3

Yeah it’s kinda weird but will get patched soon I am sure.

Yeah, I agree. Hopefully it will be patched.

Yeah kinda needs the patch, but may as well make fun of using a broken gun in the mean time

Wow finally when rust PvP becomes more fun turns out this was a bug…

Mofo, you think it’s fun when experienced players get triple headshots from 100M away by some noob spraying? I’m good at PVPing but I keep getting sprayed by like 3 guys when before I’d headshot those mofos.

If you’re good at PvP’ing then it stands to reason that you should have “headshot those mofo’s” even easier with the new, easier to use AK.

Well I could if I didn’t get sprayed from 100 metres before I even see them.

The AK is unaccurate as hell and has a crazy bullet drop off rate, but i do agree its recoil is a bit to good, but i dont feel like it needs to be changed. (my opinion)