Changing a between models with the same heads but different model paths.

So here is the scenario: I want to change an off-duty version of male_09 into soldier version of male_09, but they have different model paths and aren’t body grouped. How can I make it so that if a player is an off-duty male_09 model that they can enter a command in and the server will know that they are supposed to turn into a soldier male_09 model? I want to be able to do this with all the humans like the male_07s the male_04s can also do this. I plan to allow the player to be able to switch between off-duty, soldier, medic, and engineer variants. Is there a way to do this with strings or is there something else I need to do maybe with tables?

Use a table and store data in it.

If the model names are different, store it in a table like neth said

if they still retain the number at the end of the model, you can cut the string off at the number and replace it with the player’s number.