Changing a Weapons Opacity

Right now, in my gamemode when players take damage, their opacity decreases (they become more invisible). This doesn’t affect the weapons however. As I try to use SetColor() on the weapons, the weapons are either completely visible, or completely invisible.

Do I have to do something besides SetColor().


well now the weapons change. but player’s mouths don’t change, which makes it easy to find them. Is this a known bug?

The mouth thing isnt a bug, its just the way the game is. For the complete hidden effect, use the following model…


For some reason, the entire model goes away, including the mouth/eyes, for some reason.
(I think its because it doesnt have those parts :P)

However, if you want to use a different model and complete invisibility, set your material to…


This does however show your shadow :frowning:

Thanks, I never thought of using a different model. Unfortunately, I need to decrease the opacity before making them completely invisible. I’ll check this out and see if I can tint the invisible people, so that people will still know what team they are on before they are completely invisible.