Changing client cvars from a server?

So I have an addon on my server, but to make it work nicely every client has to change a Cvar on their console and it gets annoying telling them to change it and all that, so is there a way to automatically do it?

What addon? You may want to edit that addon to set the default value.

Its Spy’s Immersive First Person. I need to change how far down you can look.

[LUA]CreateClientConVar(“iv_pitchlock_max”, “89”, true, true)[/LUA]

89 is the new value, but it still dafaults to the other number.

Extract the addon from .gma and edit it, or ask its author on workshop to add a server override for this command.

I have edited it, the code I gave you was the edited Cvar, but it made no difference to the others.


Maybe it would work if I made it a Server Cvar?


Well, dont know how, but I’ve got it working. Thanks for the help.