Changing colour on TF2 hat

Changed request:

Is there anyway to make the ushanka to be purple coloured? A Deep Commitment to Purple coloured.

I tried skin and bodygroup tool on the ushanka

Help please?

Color tool

Well if I would use the color tool the symbol on the ushanka would not be golden that would be purple aswell :confused:


The textures are made in a way that would work on TF2, the gold star will not be purple.

Alright I’ll try it out then.


Well the color tool could work but it’s not really the same “quality”. Like in TF2 the hat is very purple colored but in Garrysmod its very dark colored and you can only see a little purple.

yeah I think someone aughta make a “white” pack so that the coloring works out properly

Then could someone please reskin Officer’s Ushanka so its white colored?

I could do it if you link me to a download for it. Pretty sure there is a hexed version of it somewhere, and I really don’t feel like reinstalling TF2 just to get the textures.

PM received, expect an update some time later today, probably within the next few hours. Need to finish a few things first.

Here’s a temporary fix for now. I’m still trying to improve the quality of the texture, but for now this will have to do.

Thanks will check it out in a few min.

Since you told me via PM that you gave me the wrong texture and then gave me the correct one to work with, here’s another temporary version.

I don’t want to disturb anyone here but I have a question when it comes to coloring hats in TF2 in Gmod. How am I gonna color hats/misc items that is an effect rather than a prop such as the Fancy Dress Uniform and the Hero’s tail? I tried using Skin Switcher and Color tools in the effect ring that presents them but nothing happened to them…

The Ushanka is not showing up as white in game, its the normal texture, I know I placed the VTF in the right place.