Changing context menu for tools when using binds?

So, thing is, before Gmod 13, I simply used binds for tools like “bind t tool_remover” or “bind g tool_wire_adv” etc. Those binds switched to the tool and changed the context menu also, so I could simply use the C menu for Precision Alignment (deleting points) or E2 (selecting files quickly) etc. Now that Gmod 13 came out, those binds stopped working, so I looked around a bit and found these “gmod_toolmode” and “use gmod_tool” commands, so now the binds look like “bind t “gmod_toolmode remover; use gmod_tool”” - that sets tool to “remover” and switches to tool gun…but it doesn’t switch the context menu (either none or the previous selected shows up), so I have to manually go to Q menu, find the tool in there and select it in order to use the C menu. That kindof makes the binds useless for me since I got very used to them a now I can’t use them and it’s slowing me down when making stuff.

I googled whole google and didn’t find anything (i found similiar question, but with no answer) and apparently I can’t use search on these forums…

Any solution how to change context menu mode also?

If you have the most updated version of wiremod, they have a console command that does just this. The command is ‘toolcpanel’ so to use it in a bind it would be (bind t “toolcpanel wire_adv”)
Note the quotes around the toolcpanel command and also that the wire advanced tool is just called wire_adv. If the tool has a tool_ infront of it, dropping it will usually be the correct tool name to use.

To switch tools quickly, you could also use an addon like this