Changing Darkrp gamemode into "The Purge" section of Garry's Mod

I’ve been going through all discussions on fp and google and I still can’t figure out how to get my server put into The Purge section of Garrys Mod. I have the addon for the timer, Darkrp installed and everything of that matter.

Appreciate any feedback/help

I don’t really think this is something you should do. Why does adding a timer warrant putting your server into a whole new category?

A new gamemode category should really be reserved for, perhaps, a new gamemode.


Okay first of all if you played on purge you would realise that it’s darkrp’ed based. I don’t want suggestions on if I should do it or not. I just want an informational post on how to switch a darkrp gamemode into the purge section of garry’s mod

Nobody here’s going to help you.
It’s not something we encourage. Go ask somewhere else for help renaming your gamemode because you spent your precious time learning how to use timer.Simple.

And you’re probably the exact same person who made the OTHER thread a little bit ago about renaming DarkRP. I can smell it.

Replace the folder and .txt to thepurge, then go into your folder, and rename the entities folder with purgeentities, you will also want to replace any file names with sv_ in front to cl_ Hope this helped!

What I find funny is this knowledge is like one of the first thing you learn when learning glua. You literally can just type in “how to make a gamemode in garrys mod” in Google and it will show somewhere int he tutorial how to do it.

I advise against doing this though because we don’t need anymore gamemodes that are just simple copy and paste of each other. What you could do though is just make an official purge rp gamemode yourself.
I am pretty sure it hasn’t been done before.