Changing DarkRP Title | Please Help! |

Okay, I was wondering if someone could help me on changing my darkrp name to CustomRP. It’s just the title i’d like to change so when people see the gamemodes listI will have my own custom spot.

Could someone please help me?

That won’t work. Gamemodes are grouped by the folder and the .txt file I believe, not by the “name” of your gamemode.

So is it possible to change it?

Yes but it’s incredibly retarded, your game is an edited DarkRP (if not only addons added, not even edited), why would you give it a different name?

First of all, it’ll just annoy the fuck out of people because there’s yet another category added to their server list, and on the other hand it’ll make your server get LESS noticed than with the regular DarkRP gamemode name.

The server list is grouped by gamemode and sorted by amount of players in a descending order. This meaning, if there are 50 DarkRP servers with 20 players each, it’ll be in the very top of the list saying “1000 players on 50 servers”. If your server then has 21 players and all the others 20, your server will be on top of the DarkRP tab. More people, and people that were looking for DarkRP in the first place, so a “better quality playerbase” is more likely (speaking of the player’s interest in the gamemode, not maturity or personality).

If you have your “customRP”, it’ll show up at the very bottom. Your server will get less noticed and you’re making people believe you have a gamemode that is not DarkRP, while you do have DarkRP. You will get less players and the ones that do might leave because it’s DarkRP, which they might have tried to avoid