Changing Default Weapon Selection HUD

Now this is more of a “Discussion” or “is possible” thing. Not really a “help” thing.

Now the default weapon selection HUD, can you change it? Like, make your own? Now personally I have NEVER seen anyone change this, if possible. Of course, now I feel if this possible, some will hop on it like white on rice to put something up really “NEVER DONE BEFORE”; I get that fact, but who cares.

I mention this because I am creating a game mode, kinda fast pace one at that. It would kinda be inconvenient for the “cycle” to get do a certain weapon (I understand binding but that’s besides the point). Also its not really “pretty”. My idea is to totally remove it and its functionality and make a certain button switch weapons, not cycle. With adding a smaller HUD to the bottom right just displaying the weapon equiped and available weapon(s).

If it is possible, how is it done? Me and maybe a few others would probably get a kick out of creating stuff.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is what I’m talking about.
(For some reason Lightshot would work for an “IMAGE” -_-)

Custom weapon selector?
Yes, absolutely possible.

Take a look at how TTT does it, as that code is publicly available.
Thats where i started.

Wow that fast, I have honestly never seen it done before. Now coming with this, are you able to remove everything about it? Not just the “Painting” part of it.

Yes, you can do whatever you want with it.

The only thing you really need are all the hooks so you when to draw the custom selector and to tie in the hotkeys to work with it.
And of course to hide the default weapon selector.

That code can be found in the ttt weapon selector.

Alright thanks man :slight_smile: