Changing display names server-side

I run a TTT server, is it possible for me to change their display server-side so everyone sees a name I set, like in DarkRP, except in TTT.

e.g. someone joins with the name 023132904785, I can change their name to something like Numbers(023132904785) so people can say KOS Numbers etc


if u want to make it your self

I don’t want a hack anywhere like this. I want to change peoples names in the Tab Menu and in Chat.

sorry voyboy… didn’t have time to look at this just realized it was a hack.

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that is a thread that is solved and does what you need but you need basic lua to modify what the guys solution is.

hook.Add( "Initialize", "overridename", function() )

	local Player = FindMetaTable( "Player" )

	local oldname = Player.Name
	function Player.Name( self )

		local name = oldname( self )
		if tonumber( name ) then
			return "Numbers("")"
		return name

	Player.Nick = Player.Name

end )

I put it in an initialize hook so that it’s auto-refresh compatible. You could also cache the default name function in a global variable so it isn’t lost on reload, but the end result is the same.