Changing DX Level

So it’s simple I need to change my direct x level lower because I heard it fixed lag, but I don’t know the correct launch option command. Any assistance? I was going to use level 7.

Well, -dxlevel 7 doesn’t work so well, but since your using a laptop,
Open steam, right click a game, click propreties, “Set Launch Options”, then
type -dxlevel 70

I prefer you use -dxlevel 80 though.

Well that was temporary. I’m using a PC now. So what should i use for best performance?
I just need something to fix my lag until I get some more RAM

The RAM is not your problem!
Post your specs please.

Kk. I see that you’re banned, and I’m not sure why? Also, I set it to -dxlevel 80 and Omg it works so much better. I can widthstand an explosion and high fx on weapons. Here are my specs, maybe I can improve it more.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3300+ 2.41 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1.5 GB
GFX Card: Nvidia 6200, 128mb i believe.
64-Bit Operating System.

I know you’re going to laugh at this shit. I just don’t have the money to Upgrade, but I really just need a new PC.

Processor is aright…ish.
1.5GB seems to be fairly good. (Better to have 2-4GB but meh, 1.5 works)
I come down to your card. First, 6200 is not too good (My first was a 7300), but its the 128MB Graphics ram which makes me wonder. I think that may be your problem.

Just to compare, I ran fine on…

AMD althon (64) X2 Dual Core processor 5000+ 2.59GHz
2GB DDR2 ram
Nvidia Geforce 7300LE 512MB – Upgraded to 9800GT 1GB ram

So really yours is just 0.8X my pc.
Although I did average out at 20fps on sandbox with the 7300.

Ok, any recommendations on Gfx Cards? you’re saying that’s the problem, right?

Hm… do you got a PCI-E slot or something?

Idk, to be honest.

Take the card out of it’s slot and compare to this image: