Changing footstep sound of a material?

I use a material which looks like metal but sounds like a stone when you walk on it. Is there any way to change the footstep sound for default HL2 or other game materials? I want to change them for a map only, and I want everyone to hear it the same ofc. Is that possible, and how? I searched on the net but found only few unclear tutorials on how to replace model sounds etc.

Change the material type. It’s actually part of the .vtf, if I’m not mistaken.

edit: I’m assuming you’re talking about a material of a brush in Hammer rather than a model or something, since we’re in mapping


damn it I do that every god damned time, damn

Uhm… where do I find the .vmt? If I need to get it from the .hl2_textures_xxx, then we have a problem- my GCFScape cannot find any files in those, not sure why it cannot work now but it did on Win7/XP. And won’t it be changed only for me? Or could I pack it with the .bsp (the map), anyhow? Like I said I’m a bit new, I also got problems with importing GMod / CSS textures into that, can I add you on Steam?

If you’re looking for materials, you need to find .GCF files, hence the GCF in GCFScape. You can find .GCF files in:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps

Try opening “source 2007 shared materials.gcf” or “source materials.gcf” using GCFScape. You can extract whatever materials you want from there.

Now for the footstep sounds, that is a surface property of the material, defined in the .vmt of the material.
If you open the .vmt with a text editor, you will see a value:

$surfaceprop <name>

Where the <name> is whatever type of material you want the footsteps to sound like. See here for a list of what you can use.

There are only appmanifests, which are .ACFs. I can’t see any of those you mentioned. A search for source materials or source_materials (or any .gcf file) started from SteamApps found nothing for me.

And for the .vmt files I need the .gcf packs I guess. By the way, won’t that change the sound property for every material? And will other players playing the map even hear it?

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Okay I just did a little more research and after the steampipe update you actually need to look for .vpk files instead. First of all, make sure you have the latest version of GCFScape. Then the .vpk file you need should be here:

Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life 2\hl2\hl2_textures_dir.vpk

Materials can be extracted from there. If you’re modifying a material to customize it for your map, you’ll need to rename it to something else. It will only change the sound property for that specific material, and no one else will hear it unless you have the material correctly packed into your map. I would look up some basic tutorials for creating materials to learn more about this process.

Hey this seems to work, thanks! And I thought the GCFScape is broken… So now I just have to figure out how to pack those materials, if anyone finds a good tutorial (working with SteamPipe) or actually knows that, please do tell