Changing gamemode name in the server list?

I use DarkRP to start off, that might be a little different.
Ok what I want to do, I see some darkrps have custom names in the server list like “1942rp” “zombierp” etc, I was wondering how they do it?
Help is greatly appreciated <3

They’ve probably written their own gamemodes, instead of checks to coderhire.
If your server is darkrp, don’t change the name.

Don’t. Garry specifically said he doesn’t want people doing this. Besides, your server will be pushed straight down to the bottom of the server browser.

Its not how it sounds, I’m customizing it ALOT.
it would really help if someone just told me how.

The point is that it’s still DarkRP at the base. Create your own gamemode and it will have it’s own category.

You say it like its just that simple to “create your own gamemode”, I still need darkrp features etc. have garry do what he must, but I see alot of communities do this, and I’m almost 100% sure they run darkrp base

If you have the time to completely customize DarkRP, then you’re better off just learning how to make and code your own gamemode.

If you really are customizing it a lot, you should already know how to change the name.

Can someone please tell me? I tried, didnt work

I don’t see people being that willing to help you rename somebody else’s work to your own.

the technique is how it’s done; like the others said don’t do it unless you’re creating your own game-mode. If you do it, and it’s not a new game-mode, Garry will limit our ability to do this and require authorized names through him. He’s got his hands full with a new child, etc.

If it’s a boy I can teach him a really cool trick; I don’t recall what he had, but I’m going to pm him it…

Back on topic; don’t do it. If you create a new game-mode base, and the FP guy that does DarkRP allows you to use his features, then you can do it that way.

I tried -_- is ANYONE willing to help me instead of telling me not to do it?

no he won’t.

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hey now, let’s not get upset about this; the way the server browser works is pretty complicated and a lot of people don’t fully understand it. If you want a completely new unique entry in the server browser gamemode list you have to rename the gamemode folder AND GM.Name.

ok I changed the folder and to zombierp, now what about custom command lines? it goes to sandbox

On top of what Matt told you, You need to make sure the text file is the same name as the folder-name; otherwise the game-mode won’t “exist”.

+gamemode zombierp

still doing it .-.

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I’ll pay 2.50$ if anyone can fix it