Changing gamemode name

I want to change my gamemode name from dew to hui. (don’t ask why :))
But when I changed the gamemode folder name, server.cfg and the CMD. It doesn’t change the name of the gamemode , instead swaps the gamemode to sandbox.
Please explain what else I need to change or what ever else I need to do.

Thanks in advance,

Have you got spaces in the gamemode name?

You mean, in the gamemode folder!! Also even if its irrelevant try GM.Name in shared!

Yeah I have spaces, does that matter?

Try underscores!

problem fixed, don’t use spaces

Just put the thing like
GM.Name = “Gamemode Name Goes Here”

That won’t work lulz.

Use the gm_gamedescription module.

Edit: Nofear, this thread already had a solution and was four days old…