Changing Icon/Materials to Models

Hi everybody, Im adding some category’s to my server to be more specific I am weapon category’s to my server.
I found a thread on the Garry’s mod wiki that tells me how to do just however I can only add weapons with a material
string and not a model


Below or above is what I would like it to look like, However when I spawn the weapon Im not able to pickup the weapon

Thanks for the help in advance**

That is a weapon model, not an actual weapon.

You’ll have to actually code the weapon in order to be able to spawn it.

Im using Fas weapons ever things already been coded I just want to change it from an Icon to a model.
I just want to change how it looks in the menu not what is spawns

I think this is what it should look like however that doesn’t work
table.insert( contents, {
type = “header”,
text = “Weapons”
} )
table.insert( contents, {
type = “weapon”,
spawnname = “fas2_m4a1”,
nicename = “TestingM4”,
model = “models/weapons/w_m4.mdl”,
} )

You can’t alter SWEP icons in spawnmenu using Lua.

Well that’s shitty anyway thanks for trying to help