Changing ingame menu GUI possible ?!

Hello all,

I don’t know how it’s made, but I just saw a server who replaced the Escape ingame menu by their own one. How is this possible ? How can you do that ? Is it realy authorized by Garry ?

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No I saw a server that remakes completely this menu ! It removes the old one and replace it by their own !

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Here is a screen of what they’ve done :

Yeah sorry its late, thought you meant something else. You can remove the pause menu in the HUD should draw hook client side and draw your own menu when the ESC key (or whatever the bind is for the Pause Menu) is pressed.

You are looking at this script;

It’s achieved by checking if the menu is open (gui.IsGameUIVisible) in the PreDraw hook, and if it is, close the Game UI (gui.HideGameUI), and then draw your own main menu. To make it closable, just check if gui.IsGameUIVisible is true, if it is, they tried to press Esc one more time, and then just close the menu.

Thank you however I made it !!
Used Think hook to destroy current escape menu, and used HUDPaint to draw custom ingame gui. Using math I know, but anyway math is used everywhere…