Changing Model Heads

So I’m kinda stumped on a project of mine. I want to make the 2 body skins, one male and one female, which I pretty much know how to do. But I also want to change the heads by putting a tattoo on each different head there is, like male_08 and so on. So this would result in a large number of pretty similar skins, different heads on the same male body, and different heads on the same female body. I’m not sure on how to combine these into their own skins, or how to modify the head skins. Help would be appreciated, thanks.

I don’t think I got it but, you could try Body Groups in your QC. The problem will be the facial expressions…

If it’s just a skin, try Texture groups command in the QC file…

I think he means Headhacking…

So I made a vtf of the model body and saved it as citizen_sheet, and a model head vtf and saved it as msla_02_facemap. Then I copied those other 6 six files and changed the mdl so they were all named msla_02. Then I go into gmod and spawn the model from the mdl and i get the proper body skin but the head is purple and black checkered. Anyone know how to get the head working properly? What I want eventually is multiple different heads on the same body.

You need to hex it properly.
It’s not as easy as just making a couple of matching models and textures!

E: look at this

I followed that and it didn’t help. I guess my question is, how does the mdl file know which head skin goes with which body skin? If I knew that, I could modify it so it puts them together right.

Hmm. Look for a headhacking tutorial!

So i found out in order to make a model with a different head, you need an mdl file for the head model. But I’m not sure how to create an mdl, does anyone know?


hi diss, does that convert vmf’s to mdl’s?