Changing noclip speed if the player is admin

Hi, I want to, when the player spawns it checks if the player is admin and it sets the players noclip speed to like “5000” or something, I know it’s simple, but the problem is can I set the noclip speed trough lua ?


-Mr. Happy

If I recall, Noclip speed is a convar.

Mess around with this:

I am not that experienced but maybe try doing:

customCheck = function(ply) return CLIENT or ply:IsAdmin

and then something…
As I said, I am not that good at lua but I know that this works for jobs and stuff in DarkRP?

Don’t even try, you have no idea what your doing.
I know your trying to help, but you clearly don’t know what your doing.
Learn more Lua before helping, it works in DarkRP because DarkRP is coded to check for that function variable.

Oh, okay, don’t listen to me, sorry.

He didn’t answer in relation to the question anyway… he wants a faster noclip speed not an admin job :S

Are non admins allowed to noclip? If not, then change the cvar, I use 10 as my sv_noclipspeed which is about crouched: 4mph forward:43mph and shift forward 128mph.

To set that in the server, game.ConsoleCommand( "sv_noclipspeed 10
" ); or RunConsoleCommand( “sv_noclipspeed”, “10” );

If different admins get different speeds then set the sv_noclipspeed to the max speed ( or minimum ), and then you’ll need to use a shared movement hook which modifies velocity before it sets it, such as CreateMove and possibly SetupMove.