Changing particle when a prop hit a player?

Hey i would like to know if it’s possible to change the particle when a prop_physic hit player in a gamemode.
I’m currently making a gamemode and i would like to change it to some HIT! particle.
Atm i think it just do a cloud of smoke or something.

Or just add something like “onimpact:customparticle” ??

Also, is it possible to make a dead player ragdoll disolve when killed? And change prop launcher max distance

Thank you ^^
Also if you want, take a look at my other thread:

local WeaponsList = {aug, mac10, m4, ak, xm1014, shotgun, awp, m249, famas, ump45, p90 }

These are strings, not variables, so it should be this :

local WeaponsList = {"aug", "mac10", "m4", "ak", "xm1014", "shotgun", "awp", "m249", "famas", "ump45", "p90" }

Same goes here :

RunConsoleCommand( "airsoft_weapons".. mac10, ply )

you’re sending the DButton in your console command, what you want to send is a string. So :

RunConsoleCommand( "airsoft_weapons".. "mac10", ply )

or just :

RunConsoleCommand( "airsoft_weapons mac10", ply )

Thanks again, but it still give an error
RunConsoleCommand: Command has invalid characters! (airsoft_weapons m24 (’ '))
The first parameter of this function should contain only the command, the second parameter should contain arguments."
I tried both The first you said didn’t work 'cause it was airsoft_weaponsmac10 then i tried the other and it gave me this error

Got this fixed. Also anyone know for other bug?