Changing Player Model Colors TTT

Uh, so you don’t want them to be white and you don’t want to them to be colored, what do you want then?

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Obviosuly it is.

Either way, it’s happening because of ttt_playercolor_mode; you need to make sure it’s 0. When custom player models don’t have color support, they’ll color the whole model that color.

The thing is, that is how that model supports coloring :v:

The examples I showed last night in the three pictures, are basic stock ttt models without any pointshop player models enabled.

They remain white not on the basic stock colors they appear as, they are obviously not the colors they should be.
That is the problem I am trying to fix.

For example the first dudes vest is not supposed to be white…

It’s supposed to look like this.

If you want colors, set the convar to 1, if you don’t want colors, set it to 0.

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In your server.cfg that is.

As previously stated before, no matter what number if its 1, 2, or 3 they all break color schemes.

Having ttt_playercolor_mode 0 works but the problem is the TTT base models are textured in white, thats not how it’s supposed to be.

Well what do you want us to say… either get it custom coded from or live with it.

They’re not supposed to be white. Either you messed with the base code or an addon is doing it.

If that convar is set to 0, they will be white. That’s how it is coded to be.

Really? I thought they were supposed to retain the default model colors. I’ll submit a pull request if that’s the case.


0 - Everyone is white
1 - More serious(dark) colors
2 - Bright colors
3 - Total randomness

So there is no way to fix this problem at all then?

You still didn’t tell what the problem actually is. Do you want colors or not?

In the colorable models, are there no default colors anymore? Just white?

They are defined in some vmt materials:

			resultVar	$color2 // pass the player color value to Gmod
			default		0.23 0.35 0.41 // unused for now.

But are unused.

@OP. Could you tell me what addons you have on your server so I could compare them to mine? I’m having the same EXACT issue and I’d like to think an addon we both are using is the problem.