Changing rates in HUD based on client's FPS

I’m trying to synchronize particular motions that certain HUD elements make (rotating, pulsating, etc) with the client’s frame rate.
I made a simple equation ( ( 1 / RealFrameTime() ) / 60 ) that I multiplied with the rates of different motions, and did work to some avail: it sped up motion as FPS dropped, which sort of synchronized it, but was still off by a bit.

Any help would be appreciated. I just need a general equation to use to synchronize frame rate with HUD motion, since HUDPaint draws the HUD every frame, slowing it down when FPS is dropped.

RealFrameTime is basically tick rate, FrameTime is what you’re looking for.

FrameTime() seems to have fixed inconsistency. Thanks!

Also, there’s no sense in dividing by 60; it’s simply just the client’s frame rate. ( 1 / FrameTime() )