Changing Sprint/Run through Console on Sandbox

Hello, I recently downloaded an addon from and I’ve noticed that my running and sprint speed has changed a lot because of it. I’ve asked all of the friends on my friends list that play GMod if there’s a way to change it, and they’ve all said that they don’t have a clue. I’ve checked console commands on the valve software website, and still found nothing.

I was wondering if anybody here knows how to change the running/sprinting speed using the console on sandbox, it’s really annoying when I’m walking so slow.
Thank you. :smile:

What addon did you download?

The Climb SWEP

Have the same problem on a server I play on. The console commands to fix this should start with “cswep”. Toy around with those and change most of it to 0 instead of 1.

Thanks. It’s worked! :smile:

you could also put this in lua/autorun/anything.lua

concommand.Add(“sv_setspeeds”, function(ply, cmd, args)
if !ply:IsAdmin() then return end
GAMEMODE.WalkS, GAMEMODE.RunS = tonumber(args[1]), tonumber(args[2])

hook.Add( “PlayerSpawn”, “SetSpeed”, function(ply)
if !GAMEMODE.WalkS then return end

Type in console: sv_setspeeds <walk speed> <run speed>