Changing surface.DrawText every frame

I’m wanting a sort of timer to be displayed at the top of the players screen and I’ve made the timer display using surface.DrawText. I’m wanting the text to equal a global variable that will change constantly and so I want the timer to change with it but I’m not sure how to have the timer update every frame with the global variable since It seems the way I’ve created the text, it will only create the text and that’s it.

Does anyone know of a way to have the text keep updating and equalling whatever the variable is that I want the text to equal?

Post your current code

Why not use the think hook?

:snip: I don’t want to upset the poor guy.

@Back on tracks

Use it inside your HUDPaint, it’ll return time left of your timer in seconds.

Sorry, misread, I thought he wants a text that is able to change every frame, not a time, ;w;