Changing Swep Reloading Speed?

So basicly is it possible to change an Swep Reloading Speed or Well the speed the reloading animation is played?

Becouse i have been looking like crazzy for this and i cant find anything about this ):

So well if you got an clue hint or at least someting to say feel free to post it below

I don’t believe this is possible without decompiling the model, changing the animation then recompiling.

then it isnt possible to just speed up an animation?

I forget the name but I found a convar that does it. But it affects all sweps unfortunately.

VM:SetPlaybackRate(2) = Double reload speed.

VM is local’d as the view model in my script.

This wont effect self:DefaultReload(ANIM_ENUM). You would have to calculate your own timers.