Changing Text Colour for Names/Commands in Chat

Hi, I’m trying to change colours for names and commands on my server. I want to make it so when I slay someone, it’s like:

"Ripple"has slain

Bob." (Maybe names blue and the rest say, red?)

Making it not all one colour, the default pale blue for text is bland.

Any help is appreciated and I will love you if you can help in any way!

I would have it set for classes, no?
I would recommend ULX Admin Mod.

Oh sorry, I use ULX (forgot to mention) I have a dedicated server now and can’t seem to set colours for things like a value (Ripple slapped themself for ‘999’ damage)

As in, the default ULX colors need to be changed, but when doing it via the ulx menu in the server, it resets the colors every map change, we don’t want dead/spectator people to have a yellow name, seeing as this is a TTT server and is causing a sort of metagaming situation, seeing as you can tell who is dead by looking at the commands that have been issued.