Changing texture of a displacment

I have made a displacment in the shape of a hole and put some water in. However grass underwater doesn’t look too good so how can i change it to a sand texture without changing the whole displacment from its current grass texture to a sand texture. i saw a tutorial on subdivision where you could blend textures but i couldn’t understand it too well.

  1. Select the displacement face you want to edit
  2. Open the texture browser, search for either “blendsandgrass” or “blendgrasssand” (one of those 2, I can’t remember).
  3. Apply the texture to the face
  4. Go to the displacement tab, then click the “Paint alpha” button.
  5. This works the same as painting geometry. Left + Right click fade in and out the sand texture, showing the grass beneath and vice versa. Just paint with sand the part you want underwater.

thanks my water looks MUCH better now :slight_smile: