Changing the clothes color on a citizen model?

I know that you can change the color on the model on a player by using Player:SetPlayerColor(), however I’d like to be able to do it to ragdolls or NPCs. I’ve looked around bodygroups, but they do not support it. I have also decompiled the male_01.mdl file, but there are no references to changing color. How does SetPlayerColor() work, and how can I use it on NPCs?

EDIT: I also opened up the model in HLMV, but I can’t seem to find anything useful.

EDIT2: It turns out that the colors are due to the VMT/VTF files, but the extracted VMT contains no references to colors (neither the HL2 version or the GM version).

How would I use that material proxy on the player model?

You can’t use those coloring options on NPCs due to the fact that NPCs use different players models than players. Coloring player model ragdolls might works for SOME models, but not for all.

What would be the best way to go about posing colored versions of the citizen models then, as that’s what I’m trying to achieve.

Spawn a ragdoll, color it with color tool and pose it. That’s the best way you got without any additional scripting.

I’d happily do some scripting, as coloring it gives this ugly monstrosity;

EDIT: Set a ragdoll to use a player’s model, hilarity ensues.

If you’re willing to use some lua, you can use metatables to override the “getragdollowner” function and give it the output of a bot that you’ve set the player color of. Otherwise, Garry hasn’t allowed an easy way to do this.