Changing the color of your name

Last week i noticed a player with a white name, i disregarded it at the time because i thought he was an admin, but today i noticed someone with a purple name, and they where a fresh spawn. So I noticed in-game there name was different than their steam names, it seems rust removes most things and tries to keep the base name, but some things in brackets before the name would change the color

The guy with a white name had [YeOlde]

but the guy with a purple name had something like [3-1337]
So i went on a quest of constant name changing to see if i could get different colors
I didn’t want to straight up copy his tag so i started with
The last 4 numbers are the ones we changed around

so following the formula of [5-####]

1397 Which gave be purple
8795 Gave me a light blue
6969 was blue
8000 and 9000 where in the greens
4-1111 was deep red
9-1111 bright red

and some other variations gave me brown to green so its really interesting

Was this intentional, or is it a glitch?

Wait ingame rust instead of yellow its purple, ect? or is it in chat

those are HTML color codes. seems the chat supports html color codes. although i think unintentionally.

These work on in-game names, the one shown over the players head, currently don’t work in the chat, as far as i know

so how does this work… ? i write those numbers [x-xxxx] infront of my name and then it changes the ingame color ?

you would put it in front of your steam name like a clantag

Could you hide your name by using a full-alpha color?

that sounds fun