Changing The Displayed Gamemode

So we have had this problem for a while now… My friends and I want to change where our server shows up on the server list and cannot seem to find out how to do this even with hours of searching and trial and error. Is it in the server.cfg? Is it possible to do this without creating a whole new gamemode? We have Dark Rp and want to change it to something else. Any help is appreciated thank you in advance.


What’s the point of changing the gamemode name but not it’s content? When players will join your server, they will realize it’s just another one of those stupid dark rp servers, like there wasn’t enough of them already :stuck_out_tongue:

Its not for other people, so we don’t want them joining for Dark RP the people who join it are people who already know what’s going on.

This shouldn’t even be allowed… DarkRP is DarkRP, no matter how much ‘custom’ 5 minute leaked, broken, laggy scripts you put on. It’s purely misleading.

But the thing is I don’t care what you think… I just want to know how to do it. This server is only for me and my friends so you can either tell me how to do it or get off my thread.

Rename your folder and .txt in all CAPS, then rename your entities folder coolcustoments and make sure to delete any cl_ files, they just lag your gamemode, they are NOT needed!

Say what you want about the Gmod gamemode browser, but at least it pushes people who do this to the bottom

It also pushes unique, 100% custom coded private game-modes, to the bottom too if I recall correctly. Mine when launched will only have 1 server to start; none of the code is used elsewhere ( aside from some that I released in the dev-base )

If you don’t know how to do this, you shouldn’t be doing it.

It should be clear by now you shouldn’t do this and nobody here is going to ENCOURAGE it when 99% of people in this area utterly hate it so no

And what if they use it the other way arround? Listen an new Gamemode which is coded from Scratch but got the same Basic Idea under the name of the popular one?

If you want to create a new game-mode, I can provide the tools to help make it easier; I’ll be releasing more meta-table objects in the very near future such as the round system, networking/data system, and much more… I’ll be rewriting terrortown and releasing it, plus a few others ( Imagine, optimized code all around! ).

But, seriously, changing the game-mode name is only detrimental to the visibility of your server. Additionally, if it isn’t your work, why rename it?