Changing the gamemode name of DarkRP

I’ve made and finished a starwarsrp server over the last week, but I can’t get it to change to the starwarsrp gamemode. I’ve tried everything I could find on this forum and others, any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS: I’m trying to put it into the existing and very popular starwarsrp, not make some random one at the bottom of the list.)

Change the folder name to starwarsp, darkrp.txt file to starwarsrp then enter the file and change darkrp to starwarsrp.

Surely you shouldn’t be doing this anyway. You’re taking Dark RP, customising it, then claiming it as your own game-mode. Players should know the game-mode they’re connecting to, and Dark RP should get the credit for it.

If your server is home hosted do this

Name your darkrp folder starwarsrp then right click start.bat and for -gamemode do starwarsrp like this

-gamemode starwarsrp then it should change it to that gamemode. darkrp is custom join 100/100 players