Changing the loadingurl

Hello. I am going to change my loadingurl to something else so the people joining can read important news and stuff. How is this done?
All I know is that there’s a so called “sv_loadingurl” and it goes somewhere. This is what I tried to set it as in my launch parameters: -sv_loadingurl

If I remember correctly, you have to switch out the - to a + and remove the http:// from the line. You may have to replace http:// with www. Although, my answer might not be 100% correct as last time I modded GMod servers were before GMod13 came out.


Will try that, thanks bro.

Just put sv_loadingurl into your server.cfg

Extra Information: “sv_loadingurl” does not work just inside of server.cfg, it needs to be in the command line and autoexec.cfg to work properly

I run a server, and my sv_loadingurl works perfectly fine in the server.cfg alone.

Please, get off IE.

I think I have http:// in the URL. Will check that when my server’s empty.

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That means the .html is missing from the server.
Try putting sv_loadingurl “” in your server.cfg, then in the console type exec server.cfg.
Once you’ve done that, rejoin your server and you should see google as the loading screen. If you don’t then your server, or config file has a serious problem.

That isn’t a 404 (page not found). It’s a 406 (not acceptable).

I disagree. That’s clearly a 404 not found.

I removed the thing from the startup parameters and we’ll see if it makes a difference.

This was fixed months ago, it works fine in server.cfg.

Make sure you put the full URL (including http://) and put it in quotes. If it still doesn’t work you have a problem elsewhere.

Yeah, putting in Google works, somehow.

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I tried putting in just

Same error.

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The problem is in my site, somewhere. No idea where though.

It’s a 404 for the ErrorDocument. Completely different. 404s on the ErrorDocument will cause no problem whatsoever. It only means that it shows the standard error page rather than your own custom one if you have one set.

“Not Acceptable” is a distinctive sign that it is throwing error 406. “Page not found” is for 404s.

This backs up my point that it is not a 404 but rather a 406:

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Type sv_loadingurl (with nothing after it) into the server console. What does it return?

The website doesn’t seem to work for me at all now. I think my internet derped or something.

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Also the console thingy you asked for

In GMod or in your browser? Loads fine in my browser.

Both of it. All browsers. But that’s not the error itself I think.

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And the site to the actual host doesn’t work either. This is probably something else so meh.


+sv_loadingurl ""

Yeah, the problem is actually my internet, since the website somehow is broken for me.

How shitty is this? :v:

So you got it to work then, cool. Now you can fix where you misspelled ‘available’ in the image :v: