Changing the Player's POV

Heya, people!

So I’m working on this player model:



It’s rigged to the pony player model skeleton, and it works okay for the most part, but the thing is the POV on my model isn’t shortened like it is on the pony player models, and I’m pretty sure that’s why this whole elongated neck thing is happening.
I’ve tried looking through the pony model lua, but it’s got waaay too much other stuff going on and I can’t seem to find the part that actually adjusts the player’s view and moves the head and body closer to the ground.

Does anyone know off-hand how to go about doing this?

Thanks in advance!

Can you not?

no idea how, but really, a pony?

Pretty sure there’s a source console command to change the fov.

Did you even read the title? It’s POV(Point Of View) not FOV(Field Of View)

Honestly I’m not sure you needed to tell us about your pony fetish, just a simple “can I change the players vision height?” Will do. But I’m going to say that the neck/head height doesn’t need to match the camera height. Also you could have found this with minimal google searching:

But how do they hold weapons

See, thats the beauty of the system.
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Also I’m pretty sure that’s what’s causing it, because the ragdoll is perfectly fine, meaning it’s not a rigging problem.

Thanks a lot! I’ll definitely look into those!

Says the person with a Pokemon avatar



Anyways I’ll let you guys know if I figure it out. Might end up having to just rig and animate it from scratch myself.