Changing the skin on a head

ok so far i am getting most of this done one thing i can’t figuer out yet is how to change the head skin on the soldier this is for tf2. in game it has the models head well skin on it yet all the other models i redid seem to work ok but this one. his head is mostly red i can’t seem to come up with anything over the net yet. it is driving me nuts i want to get this done lol.


ok i will try my best on how to ask this. i am compiling a soldier model for tf2 after it is compile his head is almost all red i mean red. the soldier head didnt fit or work on it for some reason and i don’t know how to fix it because i am so new at this. thanks ps i did all the other ones but not the spy i dont need him and they all worked out ok as far as the head thing.

That’s the best I could fix your grammar for others who are willing to help.

ok i’m sorry for my bad grammer i’m new at this for one thing plus i am just an old man who loves to game and mess with things is all again sorry i am not as good as most on this. anyways here is a couple of pic’s of what i am trying to say. thanks

ok nm i got it :slight_smile: like i said i am new to this stuff going to take me abit longer to make things work is all lol. i had to point it to the …/…/player/soldier/hwm/ folder for the bigger head.