changing the value of the variable of the function

net.Receive( "shakeScreenFromVodka", function( lenght )
	if blurAm > 0 then
	blurAm = 15
	timer.Create( "vodkaBlurReset", 30, 0, function () blurAm = 0 end )
end )

if drunkenPlayers[activator] then
		if drunkenPlayers[activator] == 1 then
		blurAm = 12
		drunkenPlayers[activator] = drunkenPlayers[activator]+1
		timer.Create( "vodkaUse"..tostring(activator), 180, 1, function () drunkenPlayers[activator] = nil end, activator )
		 elseif drunkenPlayers[activator] == 2 then
		 blurAm = 20
		elseif drunkenPlayers[activator] == 3 then
		blurAm = 30

This part of the code.
I would like to learn how to do so, to change blurAm through function.
Just after my removal from BlurAm Net, not proshodit nothing.
How to make so that when the object changes the value of the activation blurAm?

Help me please!

Uhm i really don’t understand your question

How to change the value variable BlurAm at function?
sorry for my bad english.

What is the code supposed to do? What is happening instead?

code should change the value of BlurAm, if its value is changed, the screen starts to sway, I did not get to change the value of the variable BlurAm via function

can we see the rest of the code for context, hard to tell how you want to go about it with out it.

Isnt that the code from STALKER Bandit Experience?