changing the view while in a car help

okay im trying out the new pack of cars the scars pack and when i was in the cadalac the view is bad im curious how do i change that so its behind me ?


No, the SCar’s Cadillac has the wrong vectors in the code, so your view is messed up. I had the same issue, but I started to play around with the numbers in “SCar3rdPerson.lua” file, located in the Addons/SCars/lua/autorun/client directory. Scroll down in the file a bit until you notice all of the .mdl file names appearing. The Cadillac won’t be in there. You will have to copy some of the other code and change the model name to the Cadillac’s model name (caddy.mdl, I think), and then mess around with the vectors (trial and error, what a pain) until you get results you like.
NOTE: you are messing around with the code that runs SCars which could mess everything up, and you are changing sakarias88’s code, so don’t even THINK about re-uploading it.

Or if you don’t want to edit a bunch of code you can always use a wired cam controller. Or even a regular camera welded behind the car.