Changing the weapon placement for stock weapons used in TTT clientside?

Hi there,

After the TTT update that came out after Garry’s Mod 13 (I believe) most of the weapons placement changed completely. If you noticed when playing TTT recently, the weapons look different. But in Spectator Deathmatch they look exactly from CSS. Yeah, I’m trying to do that. What I want to do is change the models completely, and make them look exactly the same like the stock weapons do in CSS. I used to play on a server that has the TTT version before this update, so it wasn’t much of a problem. Now that server has died, and every other server I join have the new weapon placements. Because of this, it irks me when I play on those. Forcing me to quit playing TTT and play other games instead. After not playing TTT in over 6 months, I want to get back into it. I’ve tried looking for TTT servers where they’ve been up for 2+ years, but I haven’t had any luck. I’m turning to you guys as a last resort, hopefully you guys can help.

I’ll post pictures if I wasn’t clear enough.

                                               **Rifle of the weapon placement before this TTT update**

Rifle of the weapon placement after the TTT update

Deagle of the weapon placement before the TTT update (ignore the skin)

Deagle of the weapon placement after the TTT update

Basically, is there a way that I can change my weapons to look like they did before the update? It’s the main reason why I can’t go back playing TTT anymore. It may sound a bit pathetic, but I need these models to look the same or it isn’t fun for me anymore.


That’s because the new weapons use c_models instead of the stock CS:S v_models. You can’t replace them yourself because the server has SWEP.UseHands enabled by default, meaning that even if you overwrote the c_models with stock CS:S models, the hands would still appear over them.

The functions for handling c_arms are mostly clientside which means you could write your own local script to update your arms on your own, but you’d probably need to manually tell the code to use css arms for every gun. You’d get a local replacement and css arms back although it’d only work for you (or anybody else you manually give the script).

That would require sv_allowcslua