Changing Velocity when an object is punched?

Now I understand I can render my object when a player touches it, but what about punching?
As when you punch lets say a helicopter bomb, it starts rolling, the more you bunch fast it gets, how do I make it so the “fists” are super strong and set the velocity of the object the way its moving x hard core punch.

Now for an example, in overwatch atm there is a gamemode called “Lucio Ball” an obvious rip off, of rocket league, but in this “Lucio Ball” the player can punch the ball making its velocity values go higher because of the direction the player is facing.

Thats what I am trying to do ^ but with props.

Entity:SetVelocity or

PhysObj:SetVelocity when the punch takes place?

Hmm, how would I set this up? I just want to make my “Helicopter Bomb” have a higher velocity when hit. (I am using the default fists to do this)

If EntityTakeDamage is called for the bomb, you can check if the attacker is using the fists, and apply more force. If not, I would recommend either modifying the fist SWEP if it is for your particular server. Otherwise, either override the PrimaryAttack method in an OnEntityCreated hook to add more force, or create a separate fists SWEP.